Earn extra money without leaving your full time job - Proven strategies

I hope if you are reading this blog you might be a student or working professional who is trying to make extra income on the side. 

Well, it is not easy to earn extra money however this blog gives you the clear idea to earn extra money.

Now we all live in a uncertainty world and we are all afraid of losing our jobs anytime, Especially in the AI era.

So it is good to have additional income resource which can at least support you to meet your monthly expenses.

To earn extra money you should have the below things

  1. Skills
  2. Small business
  3. Consistency
  4. Right Platform and time

1) Skills :

To earn extra money you can use your skills. Many people who read this blog thinks you don't have any skills but that's not the truth. 

Even i had the same mind set few years back, then i found that i can write blogs, create video, edit videos, researching or few other skills.

You are reading this blog because i believed i can write and i made it.

Every human has some skills, you need to find it. It takes a lot of time but at least you can try rather than just complaining.

Your skills can help you to earn extra income by working 2 to 4 hours per day. Some of the skills i listed down below.

 For example
  1. Content writer
  2. Graphic designer
  3. Digital marketing 
  4. Video editor
  5. Consulting 
  6. Language tutor
  7. SEO Consultant
or any skills which is monetizable has a potential to earn money.

If you have any skills you can do freelancing project with few clients.

You can find the freelancing work in Freelancer, Upwork and Fiverr

2) Money :

Even, if you have little money you can start business like e-commerce business, bike rental, massage rental or there are bunch of business required little money.

You need to do the research in your market and launch the business which fulfils the requirement.

For example: This is my real life story.  One day i got an idea of starting an Electric rental bike business in my city. I did the keyword research and found a reasonable volume.

However to know the demand i created a poster and sticked in the wall. Actually i got few response from one poster.

How i came with calculation of this business. 

Total cost is 1.40K, if i take the scooter on EMI, i just need 30K in upfront.

Once i started business, if i have 300 days of business and charging 1000 rupees per day. that's 3,00,000. That's 100% profit from your capital.

Observe → Find the problem → provide the solution → make profit 


3) Consistency: 

Either you are developing a skill or starting a business be consistent. 

Let's say if you are started learning graphic design and after few months if you just give up. The efforts, time and money you put are waste. 

Be patience in earning some extra money.

Consistency will not come naturally. You must commit to your daily goals.

4) Right platform and time

People who use right platform will earn massive amount of money. 

Some of the past trend which helped many people earn a lot of money.

  • Dot-com bubble
  • YouTube during covid
  • Crypto late during covid
  • Blogs 10 years ago
  • Short videos now
  • AI and ML now
Try to identify the future trend and travel in the space for sometime when you are in the right platform and time, You will have the opportunity to earn more money.

Example: Let's image that you are just started your career in 2015 and you came to know about bitcoin. You started reading, researching and invested some money from 2015 every month till 2020. During covid you would have made millions.

Catching the right niche, platform and timing is very important. 

Do not worry if you missed all the opportunity. 

Now it is time to focus on the future. We all the know now the world is behind the Artificial intelligent, Machine Learning, Meta verse, Virtual reality, Sustainability, Health care and more.

Why are you waiting, start and earn extra money.