How to come out of mobile addiction. 5 Tips

 Nowadays, Almost everyone uses mobile phones. On average everyone spends more than 3 hours per day. 

Mobile usage damages our sleep quality, and our brain performance, and harms our eyes.

So am I telling you to stop using your smartphones? No

I have 5 tips and 1 bonus tip for you. If you follow these steps, definitely you can come out of the mobile phone addiction and control your mobile phone.

1) Do Not Disturb(DND) mode

Our smartphones by default have this smart feature but we rarely use this option, I have used this mode to be more productive at my work. 

What DND mode will do? It stops all your notifications and even calls. You can set up some emergency contacts who can call you even the phone in DND mode.

2) Low charge:

Most of us never worry about our own bodies but we take instead action if our mobile charge becomes low. If you are tempted to use your mobile, don't charge your mobile. Keep it in low charge, so even if you feel tempted you can't use it.

3) Uninstall the distracting apps:

We all use social media to kill our boredom but over time we are all hooked to it. Without our consciousness, we are mindlessly scrolling. you are not a monk, to have it in your phone and not use it, We are all human and we lose self-control. So uninstall all your social media apps, and you can use your social media on your mobile or desktop browser. 

When you use social media you will not be used for a very long as it will not be feasible.

4) Turn off the notification: 

Turning off your notifications will help you focus more on your work or study. You can turn off the notifications for messaging apps and any other distracting apps.

5) Do not use your mobile 1 hour in the morning and before going to sleep:

How many of you check your mobile once you wake up? I hope almost every one of us, has this bad habit that actually ruining our day. To be more productive throughout the day, We should not use the mobile phone first 1 hour in the morning and before going to bed.

Instead, You can read books,  write a journal at night, and do brisk walks or exercise in the morning. 

I will write the next post about Powerful Morning. Stay tuned.


Pushparaj K