Product Managers! Unlock the Power of Free Tools to Streamline Your Workflow Now!

Free tools every Product manager should know

Every professional should use tools to perform their work, similarly, Product Managers also need to use them in their work. As a product manager, I have used some free tools to perform the given work. Let's see all the tools.

1) Figma:

Figma is the best User design tool, you can create a full-fledged user interface without paying single penny. It is the most advanced tool, As a product manager you need to create a prototype of the product hence it is the must-learning tool.

Tool link:
Subscription: Free and Paid
Pros: Highly collaborative, Affordable, and Advanced design
Cons: Not for beginners

2) Canva:

This is another important tool to save time in graphics, posters, or any design. I spend a lot of time designing in Canva, it is such an extraordinary tool. I can't imagine if this Canva doesn't exist how everyone broke their heads with Photoshop. 

I create Posters for email marketing, edit the images for my blogs, i create YouTube thumbnail for my videos, and a lot I will do with Canva.

Tool link:
Subscription: Free and Paid
Pros: Easy to use, Free templates, Can create any design
Cons: No collab option in the free version

3) Google Doc:

As a product manager, you will write tons of words from PRD to Documentation so you definitely need a collaborative tool. It is a really amazing lightweight tool that can be used in any browser.

Additionally, you can install Add-ons, it is a piece of small software or plug in which will give additional features to your Google doc. 

It is a such powerful document editor.

Tool link:
Subscription: Free
Pros: It is free, Lightweight, Collaboration, and powerful
Cons: Simple UI

4) Notion:

Another Document tool omg this is a seriously amazing tool. I have built my second brain on this, like my learnings, Investment, Ideas, English, and everything I need to write it down, I do it in Notion.

Tool link:
Subscription: Free and Paid
Pros: A lot of templates, Free, UI, Collaboration, User friendly
Cons: Bit slow

5) Clarity: 

All product manager needs to monitor their analytics, Then this is the must-have tool for your analytics, It is a Microsoft product and it is open source so it is absolutely free to use. 

This tool not only gives the analytics of your website it also gives recordings of your users and heatmaps.  

Tool link:
Subscription: Free
Pros: Intuitive UI, User friendly, Tracks user behaviour, and real-time monitoring
Cons: Can't interpret a few insights

6) Google Analytics:

 This is an important tool to track your website analytics. It is an absolutely free tool provided by Google. It will track your website analytics like New users, users, views, sessions, bounce rate, and many metrics you can track as per your business requirements. 

This is a day-to-day tool for any product manager to track their product performance.

Tool link:
Subscription: Free
Pros: A lot of metrics can be tracked, custom metrics
Cons: No real-time analytics

7) Chat GPT:

Seriously, I can't do my job without Chat GPT. Because it helps you in a lot of ways. Like content generation, Email promotion, and a lot of work.

Tool Link:
Subscription: Free and paid
Pros: Free, Interpreting, data cleaning, format, content generation, fast and much more
Cons: Duplicate content