11 rules for life by Chetan Bhagat Summary

11 rules of life by Chetan Bhagat Summary

A romantic book writer Chetan Bhagat wrote a new Self Help book called 11 Rules of Life. He listed out 11 rules to become successful in your life. 

Personally, for me some of points are new to me and few things are we often hear in YouTube. I would put it in these Quadrant Finance, Health and wealth.

1) Focus on your Fitness:

If you want to become successful, then you must take care of your fitness over your career, relationship, or anything. If you are fit, you will be able to do well in all aspect of your life.

So how to be fit?

I assume you have a medium built body, if you are fat then you must lose weight for that i advise you to consult fitness coach or any authorized person to help you to reduce weight.

Fitness is a simple math = Calorie intake - calorie deficit

Whenever you have some food you are adding some calories to your body, to burn the calorie you need to do workout, sports or some sort of physical activities.

If you are just starting out i prefer you to go for walk, Start with just 5K steps per day then gradually you 

To calculate the steps count you can use your smart watch or you can use some steps count apps like Google fit or Samsung health(i personally use).

Health tips:

  • Eat any protein (Chicken, eggs, fish, panner or any food) to feel less hunger.
  • Avoid processed food(Packet foods & snacks like chips, cookies, and cakes)
  • Go for walk in the morning.
  • Participate in sports to avoid fatigue.
  • Go for a walk at least 3 to 5 days a week.

2) Improve your English:

If you want to succeed in life, after fitness if you have good command over English, you will get a lot of opportunities.

I would say this one trait can help you to become standout from the crowd.

Most of the people can understand and write English but when it comes to speaking, most of them will struggle. 

Therefore having good English speaking can put you ahead in career and life.

For example Shashi Tharoor is a epitome of good English speaker. He became unique in Indian political because of his advanced english.

Also, Author Chetan Bhagat provided his own life as a case study in this chapter. Chetan Bhagat was so successful because of his English.

To succeed in your career, you must Speak and Write English.



  • Listen to podcast or audio books. i.e Startup operator, the inspiring talk, The ranveer show, and Joe Rogan, Huberman lab.  
  • Read books of your choice. i.e Romantic novels or any good book for beginners or The Hindu newspaper.
  • Watch english movies: Start with anime because the english is very simple to understand.
  • Speak: Speak Whenever you get a chance, speak in front of mirror or use your mobile phone to record your own speech.
  • Read out aloud: This practice will make your tongue to get to used for english pronunciation.

3) Put yourself first:

I have heard stories of people who sacrifice their own life for their wife, children, parents or family as a whole.

Well what do i mean by that.

Let's for example you are decided to read a 11 rules for life for the weekend however your wife or parents wants you to do something else.

You will end up doing what others want you do not what you want.

Similarly you will end up doing what others want not yours.

If you read that books your life might change but that never gonna happen because you did something else.

Do what you want to do in your life. 


  • Set boundaries
  • Inform about your plan in advance

4) Say no to cheap dopamine:

I have been doing this for years and years i never stopped till now. But to achieve greater things in life you need to stop consuming cheap dopamine. 

What is dopamine, dopamine is a chemical that segregate in your brain whenever you complete a task.

What is cheap dopamine:

Any dopamine hit that comes from cheap form of source like scrolling through social media, watching movies, Sugar, Jung foods.

Say no to cheap dopamine instead do the these things

  • Read books
  • Do work out
  • Take a walk
  • Write blogs
  • Take video
  • Create something

I don't want to list all these 11 rules here, to give you a glimpse i have listed 4 important rules.

This books has 7 more rules to achieve success in your life.

Buy this book  to read all the 11 rules.

Thank you!