Be yourself to win in your life

 Hello Readers,

In this blog post i would like to share a important phenomenon one should have to win in life. That is just be yourself. 

We all want to be successful in life in terms of everything. There is nothing wrong with that but when we try to imitate a different person we lose our true self.

I would like to give you a analogy if you want to become a business man you take inspiration from a top business man like Anil ambani or Ratan tata. Taking inspiration is not harmful but you try to act like them will not help you.

In this world everyone is different, even your brother who might few years older or younger than you. The chances are high that you might studies in same school and college, you lived in the same house for years. you both raised by same parent but both of your thoughts is very different. 

So what happen if you behave like someone else you will be lost forever. So to distinguish yourself from the crowd just be yourself. 

I would like to give you a example: Actor vijay sethupathy who works in tamil industry for almost 12 years. He is very famous because he was himself. Yes i agree he is very good actor who nails any characters.

I watched his interviews he just share his life story, views, perspective from his own experience in own slang, never tries to imitate like other. 

So many actors like Vijay sethupathy, they are just themselves and not try to imitates others.

There are so many new actors came and try to be other actors in tamil industry are not succeed. For example: Dhruv, He always try to be his father Vikram.(I may be wrong though i am just sharing my views)

So be Authentic wherever you are. You might be a delivery boy, mechanic, MD, CEO or whatever just be yourself. You will become unique.