How to start a blog for free and make money

 How to start a blog for free and make money

How to start a blog and making money

Before we delve into the main topic. Let's break down what is blogging first. Blogging is a written content that you publish on your personal website or any platform.

Blogging is a lucrative side hustle you can do, you not only earn money. You create a brand, opportunities, and passive income for life.

Blogging has existed for decades and still, it is the hottest thing you can do. Bloggers can earn lakhs.

How to start a blog for free:

1) Select a Niche:

Selecting a Niche is a crucial step you can do in blogging. A niche is a particular domain or industry. For example: If you are passionate about Cricket and start writing only about cricket, your website will become a top website in that particular niche.

Some of the famous niches:

  1. Health and fitness
  2. Self-development
  3. Fashion 
  4. Food
  5. Travel
  6. Personal Finance
  7. Lifestyle
If you have an interest in 2 or more niches you are good to start. I am also writing some random content that is useful content to the reader.

2) Domain:

After selecting your niche for blogging. Now you need to select your website name. Typically all the websites has IP address. It is hard to remember the IP address for each website, so we use DNS to integrate the website to the IP address.

Tips to follow for choosing the domain:

  • Choose the domain name related to your blog, so there is high chance that your blog will be on the 1st of google SERP.(If you consistently do the SEO)
  • Make sure the domain name is less than 10 character
  • Choose the domain name catchy and short
  • If you are not sure about extensions go for .com if you are targeting international and if you are targeting particular country buy the countries extension like, and

3) Hosting:

A platform is where your CMS is installed. We have cover this topic in the very next point.

There are numerous platforms available to host your website. I have mentioned some of them.

  • Hostinger
  • Godaddy
  • Namecheap
  • Hostgator

4) CMS:

 CMS is Content Management System. Usually a website is made with the coding such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python or Java. It is really complex because only the developer team can code and bring the content we want. 

Alternatively, CMS is a drag and drop platform. So it is efficient, User friendly and fast compared to coding website. Especially for the blog website. Any non coding person can learn in a matter of hours, start publishing content. 

Ultimately a website will hold a lot of content, it can be a text, images, videos or anything that is in website is content.

Here are some famous CMS:

  • Wordpress
  • Wix
  • Ghost
  • Blogger(I currently use this platform)
All these CMS has it is own Pros and Cons. Know your goals exactly and select the CMS accordingly.

4): Blogs

Once all the tools are ready, Now it's time to write the blogs and publish it frequently to gain traction among your targeted readers.

Some tips to create good blog:

Give the good title: 

Your readers will click your blog based on your blog title so it should be catchy.

Meta description: