How to be fluent in English | Proven daily practices, Result Guarteed

We all know the importance of English communication, Ever since globalization, English become a go-to language not only for business but beyond that. Before reading further you know what you need to do to speak English fluently. Yes, you should speak English

Can you imagine learning to drive without getting into the car, it is impossible right. Well, there is another option to learn to drive without getting into the actual car which is a simulator. But just driving a toy car makes you a good driver. you need to get your hands dirty by driving a real car on the road.

Similarly, think of simulators like some apps or AI that will help you to speak well but to become fluent in English you should speak to humans, then only you will feel the real connections. 

 "Communication is all about connections."

Alright, Let's dive into the topics.

1) Watching Movies or Series:

This binge-watching tip made so many people fluent in English. Especially the Friends series. I have seen my friends who binge-watched this series multiple times and their communication was flawless. 

If you have just started watching English series, you can watch it with Subtitles on because it is quite tough to understand native speakers. Another tip is you can watch anime series. 

Watch these series to become fluent in English:

  1. Stranger things
  2. Friends
  3. Avatar the Last Airbender (Anime)
  4. Never have I ever
  5. God friended me
  6. Emily in Parris
  7. Simpsons 
  8. Death note (English dub)
  9. Rick and Morty
  10. Pushpavalli 

2) Listening to Podcast: 

This is one of the coolest productive things you can do while you are walking, driving, or doing some household chores.

The more English content you consume better the outcome. So keep listening to podcasts.

What I do is just listen to any business podcast which is a minimum of 1 hour duration then I go for a walk, and I complete both on time. It was a different feel. You should also try

Some Podcast suggestions: 
  1. The inspiring talk
  2. Startup operator
  3. Huberman 

3) Write 500 words daily:

I did not believe when others said writing makes you think clearly but it was correct. 

Writing is the best thing you can do to improve your communication. Writing has been existing for many from the caveman days.

Without seeing the person you can communicate your thoughts through blogs, emails, letters, and messages.

So what can you write, you can write anything. Yes, the blog you are reading is the result of my writing 500 words daily.

Instead of writing and keeping your work, you can create a free blog account to publish your work, so people will notice your work.

What you can write:

  1. Journal
  2. Writing your learning
  3. Blogs
  4. Story writing

Some free blogs you can start and writing:

  1. Blogger
  2. Substack
  3. Wix
  4. Weebly

4) Speak whenever you get a chance:

Finally, here we are at the most important part of this post. This is the easiest thing you can do.

Speak! yeah, all you need to do is Speak. Refrain from complaining that you need a good english partner.

Not everyone will have the opportunity to have an English-speaking partner. If you have some privilege to move to another state or country. Please do it.

Otherwise, you can Speak with some tips which I personally followed.

1) Speak in front of the camera:  This one thing changed my course of english speaking. I felt i was doing some crazy thing but believe me this gave some insane results.

What i do is just pick one impromptu speech topic by using Google back then but now we have chat GPT to get some topic for our speech. Then we should immediately start talking about the topic without preparation that's the beauty of this. 

Initially, you might struggle but over time you become normal.

There are some frameworks for impromptu speech.  You know how to find it(Chat GPT it)

Once recorded i upload it on YouTube of course I put it in private.

2) Record your voice: This is the most effective way to start speaking if you are not comfortable recording video then this is for you.

After recording you should listen to your speech then Note down what are the mistakes you made then rectify them in the upcoming recording.

"Speaking English fluently takes time and it is a daily process"

 I will add more points in the future.

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