Tiny habits brings massive changes: Spend little time for bigger success

 Hello Fellas,

In this blog, I wanted to tell my own experience about tiny habits that brought big changes in my life.

I am currently 29 years old and got married almost 1 year ago but now and then I get feedback for fitness and a young look. 

Initially, I thought it was just my jeans because of that I am young and not gaining weight.

I love going for a solitary walk with my earphones on. (Like to listen to business podcasts)

I sometimes go for a walk on empty roads.

I know going for on and off walking definitely will not keep me fit. 

The one thing that made me realize how many steps my Smartwatch. All my friends have been wearing smartwatches for the past few years. I do not know I am not interested in getting me one because i can track my steps using my mobile.

Recently, I gifted a smartwatch to my wife to track her steps and calories. However, She didn't wear the watch even a single time and one day I thought of wearing it for a day then I liked it because it's compact,  handsfree, and weightless whereas mobile is quite not comfortable.

Then my footstep count shows more than 3K on average without a walk. When I observed myself I found that I do the walking while talking 📱

Walking while talking 


I mean whenever I get calls I immediately go for a walk on the roads, veranda, or even in a small room then continue my talk but others around me don't move an inch and talk.

Without realizing I have been walking while talking ever since I got mobile, to be precise 10 years.

I recently saw an old actor interview and he mentioned that whenever the shoot gets delayed, he go for a walk. 

This tiny habit of walking while talking on the phone makes me fit as a fiddle. 

If you improve 1% every day that brings 33% in a year. That's huge right. 

I am planning to apply the same strategy in my life in all aspects like finance, personal development, health, and relationships.

I recommend everyone to do the same. 

P.S: This is not suitable for everyone.