People skills to grow in Personal and Professional Life

How to build relationships with people. This one skill helps you to build your career and personal life.

 Hello Readers!

If you are reading this content, I assume that you wanted to be successful either in your professional or personal life. 

You must come across someone in your life, who is doing very good in their respective career and life. 

You might admire them and their work. Sometimes you wanted to be like them. 

You take any successful person, they are all good at people skills!

Read it again, "People skills"

Yes, if you want to be successful in your career. You need to work with your people.

Handling people is not an easy job, but I assure you, after reading this article you will become a Pro at handling people.

Let's begin!

1)  Everyone is interested in themselves(Human Nature)

Go and talk to your peers about your life, He or she might listen to you initially, But over time they are not interested to talk to you because you irritated them with your boring life story.

Even, You are not interested in others' life.  aren't you?? If you love gossip you then you might be interested in others' life (lol 😅)

That's what human nature is. If you talk to a person about them or their one small success. They definitely love your talk. Who will ignore you if you are talking about them?

2) How to talk to people 

The previous point clearly tells you that you should only talk about them. You should not talk about Yourself. 

For example: After a busy weekend I go to the office. I always ask my peers "How was your weekend"

They immediately respond, They did that, they had some new foods.

It might be a boring question for you. But for them every week is different. One week is full of enjoyment and the other week is boring. So the person you are asking is not bored with this question.

Some questions

"How is your life ?"
"How is your job going?"
"How was the last trip you went on with your family"
"How are your children"

3) Make people important 

The most universal trait of mankind is to be important and recognized.

If you are going to an invited party but no one talks to you. That makes you feel unimportant, When the next time you are invited, Obviously you never go to such parties.

Being treated as important is very crucial.

So how can you make a person so important?

1) This would be the first important skill in communication. Hope you already got it! Yes, "Listening skill". Just by listening to them, You make them feel important. (Very simple right  )

2) Another trick is to compliment them. Please be sincere when you compliment them. 

3) Use their Name often. Everybody loves their name. So use their name often in your conversation, this will make them feel important.

4) Agree with people

You take any person even if your mother disagrees with you. You don't like her because she disagreed with you.

So you do not make this small mistake of disagreeing with someone, If you do it creates an immediate hatred. However you might need to disagree with some points, You can disagree but unless it is absolutely necessary.

Tell them that you agree with them. You can nod your head while they are about the finish the sentence or you can say "I agree with you " or "You are right".

Admit when you are wrong. Say "I was wrong" this creates a positive impact of being accountable. The average person Denies or lies.

Refrain from the argument no one wins by argument.

5) Influence people like a pro

The ultimate skill that you should have is influencing people.

If you are a manager and you want to influence your teammates. How you would induce them to work?

First of all you should know who are they? What they are after?

By knowing them you can easily influence them.

For example: If your teammates want to move to Some internal IT team, you should talk about that like how your organization helps the employee to upskill in IT. 

Then you should show them what to do to achieve that target. You can provide any example of any employee who transitioned their career into the IT field.

This is the most effective technique to influence people. Apply this principle and see the Magic!

I learned these valuable tips from a book called Skill with People.

Final Tip: Don't go against human nature!

This book has many more points than what I conveyed here. 

Happy reading!
Thank you!

Pushparaj K